Go with the Flow


Hi my name is Nicole.

I am sixteen and a junior in high school.

I have been with a person named Kyle for one year and nine months.

I have three cats and a hedgehog.

I hang out more with guys. And that’s not because I hate chicks and don’t want to deal with drama- I’m actually very boy-like as far as personality goes.

My favorite class in school is AP Psychology.

I never wear shorts to school (and hardly outside of school). Always jeans, and usually t-shirts. 

I’m most self conscious about my eyebrows. 

I have not seen my natural hair color in almost two years.

I do not get along with my family (That doesn’t make them bad people. Just not my kind of people).

I plan on having a hairless cat at some point in my life.

My grades don’t define my intelligence. Just my determination, and while it’s not the greatest, I try to do well.

I want to be a Psychology teacher, author, and tattoo artist. 

I want really long hair.

I have 153 visible scars and cuts on my legs/thighs, around 20 scars on my stomach  20+ on my hips, and around 7 scars on my arms. 

My partner is home for a month today. He wants me to stop and let them all heal. 

As much as I hate it, and want to ignore him- His opinions matter too. 

My name is Nicole and I’m going to try to stop cutting. 

  1. ghostofthefall said: I read this and I wish you the best of luck , whatever happens, don’t give up.
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